Periodontal Therapy

Healthy teeth and gums equal a happier, more aesthetically-pleasing smile. However, today’s research now reveals your smile’s health is far more extensive than just a pretty smile.

Inflammatory periodontal (gum) disease
is linked to HIGHER RISK of:

Periodontics Langley BC

Heart Attack




Lung Cancer




Early Labor/Low
Birth Weight


High Blood

Until recently, conventional hygiene procedures were doing little to disrupt existing gum disease. Now, patients are offered a specialized hygiene visit called Periodontal Therapy.

Using a combination of techniques, including laser therapy, we are able to significantly improve the health and healing of gums for weeks or even months.

Our goal is to see gums completely free of infection and inflammation. Some patients may need to come in every three months, whereas other patients may only need to come in once or twice a year.

See us if your gums appear:

  • Puffy or red
  • Bleed when brushed or flossed

Don’t delay a visit to our dentists and team. Healthier gums lead to a healthier you; so contact our practice today to schedule your appointment.

“Our ultimate goal is for you to enjoy perfectly healthy gums, and the health benefits that go along with them.”
– 64th Ave. Dental team