Comprehensive Dentistry

Comprehensive dentistry is a treatment philosophy where we look at our patient as a whole person, not just a single tooth in trouble.

Our general dentist in Langley, BC knows the health of your mouth and your entire body are connected. By improving the health and functionality of your mouth and teeth, you will improve your overall wellness.

Our Services

Our comprehensive dental exam looks at much more than just the health of your teeth and gums, and it is different than a routine check-up. It leaves no stone unturned, and yields valuable medical information about your health.

We will carefully examine your:

  • Jaw joints
  • Bite
  • Airways
  • Posture
  • And more!

Because the health of your mouth, teeth, head, and neck are all connected, it’s important to examine all factors, rather than isolating and treating just one.

For example, improving your bite can:

  • Improve the position of your jaw
  • Relieve head, neck, and jaw pain
  • Even help improve your posture

Thanks to extensive experience and training in Neuromuscular Functional Orthodontics, our doctors understand how dental issues can impact your overall health and offers viable treatment solutions. Using a combination of Neuromuscular Orthodontics and dentistry techniques, we may be able to reduce the amount of work you need to be done while still correcting your issues.

Contact our practice today to schedule your comprehensive exam. Don’t just do it for a healthy mouth—do it for a healthy life.

A couple laughting and smiling to show how having a skilled General Dentist in Langley, BC can keep your smile looking it's best.
“We can customize your treatment plan based on your needs and preferences. We’ll work with you to find the best fit.”
– Dr. Garrett