Our Office

With a spacious and open-concept facility, our office exudes a comfortable, non-intimidating atmosphere, while presenting the latest in dental technology.

Although there are dividers that provide patient privacy, our open space allows for free communication, which almost always leads to entertainment value. Laughter is a common sound in our office. We even had two patients sing a duet!

Some of the technologies you will find in our dental office near Surrey, BC, include:

  • Odyssey Soft-tissue diode laser
  • P5 Piezo-electric Scalers with TENS (patient controlled electronic anesthesia)
  • Zoom 2 in-office teeth whitening system
  • J5 Myomonitor (for neurally stimulated jaw physiotherapy)
  • K7 Neuro-muscular Diagnostic System (computerized E.M.G., jaw tracking, joint sonograghy, etc for diagnosing and treating TMJ and headache symptoms)
  • Digital Photography and Imaging
  • VelScope Cancer Screening
  • CT Scan
  • Ceiling TVs

In the field of advanced dental technology, there is always something shiny and new. However, beware: New does not always mean better.

Rest assured, if there is a new, proven technology that you can benefit from, you can bet we have it.

In-House Dental Lab

For almost all dental offices, they send their lab work to an outside laboratory. This is particularly stressful for cosmetic dental procedures since the last time the dentist sees your “case” before completion, it is already in the impression stage as it goes out the door. In conclusion,the dentist will not know exactly what your teeth will look like until right before the restorations go into your mouth.

At Oral Health Solutions, we are very fortunate to have our very own in-house dental lab and quality dental ceramist, Tony Vilardi. The decision to move into our office was based on an unmistakable synergism between Dr. Hill and Mr. Vilardi, resulting in great success for years.

At our office, you never have to worry about the final outcome because you have two of the finest “cosmetic eyes” in the business – Dr. Hill and Mr. Vilardi – working side-by-side, designing your new smile.

Dentist Surrey BC

Is it possible to receive the best technology and still relax? Absolutely!


A patient getting a CT scan from our dentist in the Surrey, BC area.One of our dental bays with a TV to help our patients relax during treatment at our Surrey, BC area dental office.